Top destinations in the Philippines worth exploring!

The Philippines is an exclusive nation with respect to its scenic views and wide culture. It is a wonderful tropical island with more than 7,700 smaller islands to explore. Do pay a visit to the Spirit Airlines Official Site and search for flights.


A mountain city situated on a magnificent island of Luzon known for its calm atmosphere and pine forests. The forests covering the city are filled with splendid natural life and you may even witness a monkey called, famously known as The Philippine Long-Tailed Macaque. Referred to as “Summer Capital of The Philippines”, Baguio attracts travelers from around the world who visit here just to get away from the humid temperature of the nearby cities. Weather in Baguio remains gentle most of the time.

Puerto Galera

Known for its breath-taking views, Puerto Galera, on the island of Mindoro is home to a wide variety of coral reefs in the entire world and is a famous UNESCO document. The place is a heaven for scuba divers so if you are into scuba, do visit this place!


Guests would feel grateful to have an exceptional and memorable experience here. Stroll around with your loved ones wearing bizarre hats called abaca. Rock houses (Sinadumparan) that look more like a place in the British Isles is a must-visit place in the Philippines. Get indulged in the Ivatan culture that has developed in the region, very different from the Spanish and regular western cultures.


This place is a remote destination, situated in the area of Ilocos Norte on the northern tip of Luzon. Take a trip to Pagudpud and experience the huge windmills. The region is considered as one of the windiest in the entire Philippines. The lavish green mountain ranges and wonderful white sandy beaches are reasons that you must visit this place.

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